If you worry about being photogenic or not, or if you are nervouse about posing, DON’T BE !

 It is entirely my responsibility to guide you, direct you and make you look beautiful and stunning while getting professional timeless portraits done.


My name is  Tania Mendillo, I am almost 50 years old  and I celebrate female beauty everyday.

 I do it,  by creating BEAUTIFUL Portraits of women of all ages 💄🎬

I am a stylist, makeup artist, and fabulous Glamour portrait photographer. So if you decide on a photo session with me you don’t need to worry about your looks or atmosphere since I am taking care of everything. And don’t worry about the language barrier, I do speak German !

I have openings in Vienna for Portrait and Boudoir sessions in October 18 – 20.

An elegant Magazin style portrait session is a wonderful way to celebrate yourself, your journey and your accomplishments.  Beautiful portraits are a gift to yourself and your loved ones, you children will cherish them forever….

My goal at every Portrait session is to present your elegance, sophistication, and personality on each and every photo, no matter its style or purpose…..

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Do you need a perfect Business Portrait for your annual report ?

This is your ideal chance! Complete styling and make up included. Reserve your spot in Vienna now,

for a photoshoot in October  18th – 20th. 

write to booking@taniamendillo.com



Let me show you, how how gorgeous you are…

My work was presented in fashion magazines, such as

Elle, Vogue, Grazia, Gloss, Cosmopolitan, Glamour

and many others.

Experience this special transformation

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oktober 18. -21.  2019

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hours available to book :

10 am

1 pm 



Beautiful Glamour Portraits, Perfect BUSINESS PORTRAIT , Sensual  Boudoir 

reserve your spot NOW for your photosession in October  18. – 20. 

Let me show you, how how gorgeous you are…

What do I need for a photoshoot?

PACKAGES include complete styling; hair, professional makeup, styling with your own clothes and you can also choose from my fundus of very photogenic clothes

We can discuss details of wardrobe and possible props over thephone conversation or e mail and I will advise your what kind of clothes and accessories you bring to your photo session. So please send me your telephone number and I will call you. 

What dates and hours are available to book in November 2019 ?

friday November 29. 

 10 am  

1 pm


saturday November 30.

 10 am  

1 pm 


sunday December  31.

  10 am  

 1 pm


Where does the photoshoot take place?

Your Photosession will take place in a stylish apartment in 5. th  district  of Vienna that has modern style rooms or you can also choose from  studio background in various colors. I will send you the exact address when you book your session.

I don't know how to pose and I believe I am not very photogenic

Don’t worry about posing, because it is my job to direct you and find that perfect angle and moment and I believe I am very good at it. 

From my experience I can tell you that every person can have their beautiful portraits done, no matter of their age, size or previous experiences. It is my job to help you find just the right style for you and show you at your best …

Do I get all the images you take at the photo session?

During our photo session I will show you the images we made and after we are done,  we will roughly go trough them together, so I can show you what I will be looking for in my selection process and to make sure you are comfortable with my choice , when I  thoroughly  go through all the images.

Than  I choose the best 10-20 images and after that  the final collection of 5 -12 images which I will be retouching, depending on the chosen package. You can always purchase additional images in addition to the ones you get in your chosen package, which you can choose from an online gallery. 

What rights do I have to the photos we make ?

You have the right to reproduce the photos we make for personal use, so you can use them for prints, sharing them on your social media, making canvases, etc.

Commercial use is not allowed if not separately agreed on. The copyright of the images will stay with the photographer.

How long until I have my images?

My average turnaround for digital files is 3 to 4 weeks and 4-6 weeks for a photobook or prints.

How do I pay for my photoshoot?

As soon as we have decided on a date and time for your photo session you can pay the required deposit and you will be officially booked!
The deposit to confirm your booking is 20 percent of the full package price. Remainder is due on the day of the photo session.
The payment is made via wire transfer on the basis of an invoice that I e-mail you or via Paypal.

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Before you continue exploring,

let me just stop you for a second.


You know what 30 years of hands-on professional experiences gave me?

The mix of knowledge, skills and intuition – the very minute I meet you, I already imagine how to style you,

and make you look gorgeous for your  photo shoot.